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Our mission is to transform the way we age, live, care and “retire”.

About PrimeLife Partners

We collaborate with a diverse range of partners, including corporates, NGOs, universities, and government seeking innovative solutions in longevity and care.

We work alongside policymakers to advocate for improved outcomes, both in Australia and internationally.

We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and startups, connecting them with a network of advisors, mentors, and investors.

At PrimeLife Partners, we are the catalysts and driving force behind a movement that redefines the future of longevity and care.

We connect, accelerate and invest. 

CONNECT: Build productive networks and partnerships across industry, academia, and investors. Connect innovators to investors, industry, funding and sponsors.

ACCELERATE: Support businesses to innovate and scale products and services that improve outcomes for our ageing population.

INVEST: Connect investors & funders to sustainable solutions that accelerate outcomes in financial security, care, housing, and consumer products and services.

Our Focus

We accelerate innovation, investment, and commercialisation to urgent challenges in longevity and care. We are a much needed catalyst for solutions in a huge and evolving sector.

We focus on 4 key areas to help us age, retire, care and live better in the prime of our lives.

Financial Security

PrimeLife Partners empowers individuals to secure their financial future.


Our commitment extends to compassionate and state-of-the-art care services.


Recognizing the significance of a safe and comfortable living environment,


We champion the evolving needs of the aging population in the consumer market.

WHY NOW -The Urgency

US$4.56 trillion

👉🏼 The Asia Pacific Silver Economy is predicted to hit US$4.56 trillion by 2025 (Ageing Asia)

$3.5 trillion

👉🏼 Australia’s intergenerational transfer of wealth will reach $3.5 trillion over the decade

$110 billion

👉🏼 Our Silver Economy market will grow from around $60bn in 2021-22 to more than $110bn by 2026-27 (PM&C 2023)

According to ABS population projections to 2071, 2025-2030 are critical years where we will see:

Peak growth of over 65s and over 85s

👉🏼 The peak growth of over 65s and over 85s from 2026-2030

Exponential increase in the 85+

👉🏼 An exponential increase in the 85+ cohort between 2023 and 2031.

 Loneliness Epidemic

👉🏼 More people living alone which has triggered a growing loneliness epidemic.

Our Team


Chair, non-executive director and leader in innovation, commercialisation, deeptech, digital transformation, social impact, health and ageing.

PrimeLife Partners stands as a beacon of purpose in the longevity and care sectors. Founded by two highly experienced and respected experts, Dr. Abby Bloom and Anne-Marie Elias, our company represents over 60 years of combined expertise in this vital field, both in Australia and on the international stage.

Our founders are not just leaders; they are fervent believers in the transformative power of innovation in longevity and care. Dr. Abby Bloom, with her extensive background as a chair, non-executive director, and leader in innovation, commercialisation, deep tech, digital transformation, social impact, health, and ageing, brings a wealth of knowledge and a visionary approach.

Anne-Marie Elias, a Fellow at UTS, NED, and as a Venture Partner and Senior Policy Adviser, is a passionate advocate for change and disruption, with a deep commitment to enabling technology and innovation in longevity and care.

At PrimeLife Partners, our dedication goes beyond professional expertise; it’s about a heartfelt commitment to the sector. We believe passionately and purposefully in the potential to enhance the quality of life so we can age, live, care and retire better. This belief is the driving force behind our work, fueling our desire to make a meaningful impact.


Fellow UTS, NED, Venture Partner, Senior Policy Adviser. Passionate about change,  enabling tech, and innovation in longevity and care.

Our Approach

Our approach is building an Australian longevity and care ecosystem that brings together leading innovators and entrepreneurs, investors and researchers, government and industry and consumers.

Events and Media

We are excited to be hosting Australia’s first Longevity Economy and Ecosystem Meet Up.

Join us on 9 May 5-8pm at Australian Computer Society be inspired and connect with people who are working on transforming the way we age, care, live and retire. Announcing special guest speakers Dr Catherine Ball Scietific Futirist and author of Converge and Mark Pesce Futurist and Inventor. Book your tickets at Humanitix

Innovation Unleashed : Reimagining Longevity and Care

In November 2023, PrimeLife Partners held a half day combined keynote, panel and workshop session, led by Anne-Marie Elias and Abby Bloom (Primelife Partners) as part of Spark Festival.

Over 55’s in Australia hold over $1.5 trillion in wealth (2/3 of total) and will:

● Outnumber under 18’s by 2030.

● 95+% plan to age in their own homes and

● by 2030 will be retiring and drawing down on their super, yet most lack financial advice needed to ensure the care and home they will need as lifespans approach 100.

● Australia has effectively run out of carers.

Innovation is urgently needed to address what is already recognised as a crisis. Australia lags peer nations who have a clearly defined longevity & care ecosystem, and the

● policies that encourage and support innovation,
● corporate-applied research pathways, and
● dedicated funds to grow technology solutions

PrimeLife Partners Spark Festival event  Innovation Unleashed inspired, ideas and innovations to solve these critical challenges.

Photo’s and video clips of our event speakers and panelists are below.


Spark Overview
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Abby Bloom
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Super Fierce
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Financial security - Phil Moffitt - Aware Super
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Startups changing the wold
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Lucinda Brogden
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Mark Pesci
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Carrie Hamilton
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Bernard Salt
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